Fully Mobile and Personalized HFCWO Therapy

Take control of your HFCWO therapy with VibraCircle's fully mobile and personalized approach, providing you with the flexibility and customization you need for effective respiratory treatment

With no bulky hoses or generators, the battery powered VibraCircle is fully mobile during use
Lightest Mobile
The VibraCircle is the lightest fully mobile vest during use HFCWO vest on the market
The Percussion, Vibration and Drainage settings and intensity can be customized to your treatment
Effortlessly control and customize your HFCWO therapy sessions directly from your mobile devices

Airway Clearance Therapy

Respiratory diseases like COPD, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and neuromuscular disorders often result in reduced lung function, excessive mucus production, and breathing difficulties. Effective airway clearance is vital in managing these conditions.

By utilizing
mechanical vibrations, VibraCircle helps loosen and mobilize thick mucus, facilitating its clearance through coughing. This process can reduce the risk of lung infections, minimize antibiotic usage, lower hospitalization rates, and improve overall lung function.

VibraCircle is designed to be
fully mobile, allowing you to take control of your HFCWO therapy wherever you go. The wireless connection feature enables you to adjust therapy settings and manage your respiratory treatment processes through a user-friendly mobile application.

Your Smart Way to HFCWO Therapy
VibraCircle Mobile Application

Discover a New Way to Manage Your Respiratory Health!

Experience a revolutionary approach to managing HFCWO therapy your mobile device.

With the VibraCircle mobile application, you have full control over  your respiratory treatment processes by adding medication, exercise and physiotherapy reminders.

Wide Range of Ready-to-Use HFCWO Programs Tailored to Your Respiratory Needs

VibraCircle allows you access to ready-to-use HFCWO programs that has prepared specifically for you.

Benefit from a wide range of HFCWO programs, thoughtfully designed for your unique respiratory needs.

Personalize Your HFCWO Therapy for Optimal Mucus Secretion

Customize your own HFCWO therapy programs with VibraCircle to suit your unique requirements.

You can easily adjust and manage the parameters of your VibraCircle vest, customizing the therapy according to your respiratory condition.

Share HFCWO Treatment Details with Your Healthcare Providers

You can check all HFCWO therapy details on the application and share the summary report with your physiotherapist

'' Unfortunately, that same study reported that 47% of Cystic Fibrosis patients missed 25% or more of their Chest Physiotherapy sessions.''


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