Manual Chest PT with hands-on experience

The smart vest with sensor technology and integrated applications that help patients, their relatives or students to learn effective and accurate chest physiotherapy.


The World’s First AI-Powered System for Chest Physiotherapy Training

PhysioCircle Chest PT Training System uses smart vest with sensor technology and integrated applications to helps learn Manual Chest PT with hands-on experience.

  • PhysioCircle has 3 different vest sizes that suitable for infant, child and adult mannequins.

  • The Smart Training Vest comes with Simulaids mannequins with actual human size and feel.



Cutting-edge Chest Physiotherapy Training

The smart vest simplifies chest physiotherapy education for both instructors and physiotherapist students with visual guidelines, real time feedback, and session grading.


PhysioCircle - Manual Chest Physiotherapy Training System is eliminating barriers to student engagement and digitalizing traditional manual chest physiotherapy education in physiotherapy schools and rehabilitation centers worldwide.


​​During the courses instructors use a mannequin with smart vest to demonstrate the Chest Physiotherapy method to students. Students can learn Chest PT by first-hand experience of applying it to the right points, with the proper pressure and frequency.

AI-Supported Chest Physiotherapy Practice

​​PhysioCircle offers physiotherapy programs that enable students to be prepared for the conditions they may encounter in their professional life. In addition, instructors can add unlimited cases containing appropriate physiotherapy programs applied by instructors. These programs are automatically detected with the AI-Powered System.


Physiotherapy students make hands-on practice by using these programs on PhysioCircle whenever and wherever they want.

More Data, Better Evaluation

Instructors can make exams, midterms and quizes to evaluate the level of the students they reached during the course. PhysioCircle smart vest collects each of the students’ pressure, frequency, point and time data in each session.


Windows and Android Applications

The PhysioCircle Application has been implemented for both Windows and Android devices. API / SDK integration options also allow custom solutions for physiotherapy schools and rehabilitation centers.


Intuitive Applications help instructors and physiotherapy students perfect their manual chest physiotherapy methods while practicing whenever they want.


Intuitive applications

AI-Powered System

Sensor Technology

Connects via Bluetooth

'' Health professional students have increasingly limited access to patients, so novel methods of clinical teaching to prepare students for clinical practice need to be considered.* ''


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