Chest Physiotherapy with hospital-grade efficacy

Apply Chest Physiotherapy at home with the world's first personal smart Manual Chest PT vest and track your daily treatment progress via the AirCircle mobile app.

manual chest physiotherapy

Effective Treatment with Comfort

for Patients of All Ages and Sizes

Breathall AirCircle vests offer a personalized fit through a wide range of sizes (from 16”-60”) and the use of adjustable straps.

Users can also show their individual style with colorful vest fabrics.

  • AirCircle loosens, thins, and propels mucus toward larger airways where it can be more readily coughed out, as the body is intended to do naturally.

  • Physiotherapists advice to perform airway clearance techniques up to four times a per day, each lasting 20-30 min.*

  • Easy-to-travel with carrier, classified as a piece of carry-on luggage.

  • Manual Chest PT reduces hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and the need for antibiotics.*




Customize your chest physiotherapy according to the lung condition

Aircircle app allows you access to Chest PT programs that your physiotherapist has prepared specifically for you.


With visual guidance, you can be sure that you are always treating the correct spots with correct timing, proper intensity and right order.

Manage your pulmonary rehabilitation

treatment in one app

With the aircircle mobile app, you can manage your daily respiratory treatment easily.

You can access the details of all the sessions and manage the treatment processes of your loved ones by adding medication, exercise and physiotherapy reminders.


Apply hospital-grade

physiotherapy at home

Perform a chest physiotherapy at home with hospital-grade efficiency.

The app guides the caregivers to perform the physiotherapy correctly and gives real-time feedback on session performance, pointing out errors.

Customize your chest physiotherapy according to the lung condition

You can check all chest physiotherapy results on the application and share the results with your physiotherapist.


'' Unfortunately, that same study reported that 47% of

Cystic Fibrosis patients missed 25% or more of their Chest Physiotherapy sessions.* ''


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