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Physiotherapy vest that improve

the lives of patients with

respiratory diseases.


Correct and Ef fective Physiotherapy for Everyone

aircircle enables caregivers or patients' relatives to perform correct and effective chest physiotherapy in every session.



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Manage your respiratory treatment in one place

With the aircircle mobile app, you can manage your daily respiratory treatment easily.

You can access the details of all the sessions you have applied, and manage the treatment processes of your loved ones by adding medication, exercise and physiotherapy reminders.


Customize your physiotherapy according to the lung condition

Aircircle app allows you access to chest physiotherapy programs that your physiotherapist has prepared specifically for you.


With visual guidance, you can be sure that you are always treating the correct spots with correct timing, proper intensity and right order.

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Perform the best sessions

every time

With the aircircle vest and mobile app, perform a chest physiotherapy at any time!


The app guides the caregivers to perform the physiotherapy correctly and gives real-time feedback on session performance, pointing out errors.


Track your progress 
with a user-friendly app

The aircircle mobile app helps caregivers or relatives to track their session results over time.


Pressure, frequency and duration data helps analyze the success of current physiotherapy session performed by caregivers, and also acts as an educational tool for better physiotherapy for later sessions.

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