Importance of Patients and

Their Relatives Education

Some airway clearance treatments can be complicated and time consuming, leading to issues with adherence to the treatment plan.


Treatment adherence has been shown to be low in bronchiectasis and affects important health outcomes including exacerbations.


The negative consequences linked to poor treatment adherence in chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis include higher health care costs, reduced quality of life, increased exacerbations, and the potential for earlier mortality.*


According to a recent NTM survey of almost 700 patients*:

  • Patients believe ACT is an important component in helping them to feel better

  • Yet, only 31% of physicians recommended ACT within first month of diagnosis

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  • Overall, 27% of patients are dissatisfied with their current ACT routine​

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  • All patients engage in some form of ACT when recommended by their physicians

  • Yet, 50% of patients don’t perform ACT when traveling

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  • Noise and lack of portability are some listed reasons for non-compliance where 36% of patients say ACT disrupts daily life

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Importance of Caregivers and Students Education

Prior to transitioning into the clinical environment, it is optimal for health professional students to practise the integration and application of knowledge, skills and professional behaviours within a clinical context.*

However, there are known limitations to this approach as it is dependent on the ability of clinical facilities and educators to manage large numbers of students seeking a similar interactive patient experience, and can be demanding on clinician time.


Growing student numbers coupled with changes in healthcare delivery mean that health professional students have increasingly limited access to patients, so novel methods of clinical teaching to prepare students for clinical practice need to be considered.*

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How PhysioCircle Provides Better Education for Caregivers

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